Swap info / International Meeting in Tampere, May 2017

Thank you for your interest.

This site includes info about swapping the cards and/or stamps of the international Postcrossing meeting 2017 in Tampere, Finland. Please read it all carefully before contacting me - thank you!


I will participate the international meeting on May 27, 2017. That's the day when the cards will be written and signed, and they will start to travel on Monday 29th.

I can offer:

1. An official meeting card that has been made in collaboration with Aamulehti's Moro (local newspaper in Tampere) and Finnish Postcrossing Friends (reg.)

- There are three different motives; you will receive a random one of these three cards. Unfortunately, I can not take requests for a specific card.
- Official Postcrossing logo and meeting's date & place will be added to these cards. Please take a look at Finnish Postcrossing Friend's (reg.) Instagram account to get a better view.
- Copyrights of the cards belong to Ari Vannas, Titta Lindström and Kati Koskinen.

2. An official meeting card by Virpi Pekkala, called "Rotvallin reunalla", printed exclusively in collaboration with Finnish Postcrossing Friends (reg.) and Paletti.

- I have 30 cards to offer.

3. A special stamp designed by Virpi Pekkala to mail a card. These stamps are more expensive (2,50€/pcs) than normal ones (1,30€/pcs) and they only cover mailing in the 2nd (= slower) class. I will use a random Virpi Pekkala card to mail the stamp.

- I have only 6 stamps to offer.
Update May 11: 3 stamps left.


I can swap an official meeting card with a regular stamp 1:1 to one written and stamped postcard in return.

I can swap an official Virpi Pekkala meeting card with a regular stamp 1:1 to one written and stamped postcard in return.

If you wish to receive the Virpi Pekkala stamp on a random Virpi Pekkala card, I'm asking for two written cards sent in envelope.

Please note that all cards to European countries and Japan and all cards with the Virpi Pekkala stamp will be mailed in the 2nd (=slower) class.


I wish to receive cards from my favorites:



ONLY these exact cards please! My general wishlist does not apply to this swap.

I also accept written and stamped touristic postcards from countries from where I have little or none received mail. Please ask, if you think this might be your case.


Please message me in Facebook, at Instagram or via e-mail (laura dot animismi at gmail dot com). In your message, please provide a photo of the card(s) you are offering and please let me know what you wish to receive in return.

I will receive offers until May 21 , 2017. 
Once we have agreed about a swap, I need you to send me a photo proof showing my card(s) with my address and stamp(s).
If you have not provided the photo proof by May 24, I will not mail your card from the meeting.

I will provide a photo proof showing your card with your address and stamp(s), too.
I can not resend, and once you have provided a photo proof, I won't ask/expect you to resend either, if your card gets lost on the way.


- I do not swap mint stamps.
- I can not send your card in envelope.
- I can not take requests of specific cards/stamps.
- I am not interested in other meeting cards in return.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

Happy Postcrossing!

- Laura / animismi

Pictures on this site are © Finnish Postcrossing Friends (reg.).

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