Friday, 14 March 2014

Explaining myself + some received cards

This has been (and still is) quite a busy week; I haven't had that much to study, but I have (had) four work days which is quite lot as I usually work approximately 2 days a week, so there has not been that much time for updating this blog. Next week won't change the situation, unfortunately, as I then have five work days which means that I have no day offs at all. Yay. I keep telling myself that this is the way to earn some savings and pocket money (like it was that way...) for snail mails, but I bet I'll be pretty tired next Sunday.

Anyway, the reason I'm sharing this here is that due to the situation explained above I have not been able to write such blog posts as I've wanted to; instead I have been (and will be) showing you pretty much "just" cards I've sent and received. I've studied the answers you have given in my poll so far and I know there are other preferences (and you know what; it seems like we are thinking alike what comes to the most interesting things one can blog about!) than just these which I'm currently offering you. There's more to come when things get a bit less hectic here.

In the meantime: please enjoy some cards I've received on Wednesday and Thursday!

swap from Germany

official card from Germany

official card from Ukraine

swap from Lily from Finland