My preferences

I am listing my postcard/swap preferences here as some readers of this blog might find it useful.


- coffee & cafés
- books, libraries, writing
- capital cities
- otters
- Lali Riddle
- Martin Wiscombe
- Lia Selina
- Ivar Rodningen
- Inga Paltser


- white chocolate
- KitKats
- marshmallows
- Lindt Easter chocolate
- Milka Chokowaffel chocolate
- tea
- Japanese snacks with shrimp flavor

- letter papers and envelopes
- washi tapes
- stickers
- postcards
- paperbacks written in German/Spanish
- newspapers/magazines etc. written in German/Spanish/French

Please avoid...

- earrings
- marzipan
- dark chocolate
- notebooks
- bathing goods (we don't have a bath tube:))
- food (other than mentioned above)
- folded cards
- clothes

Please note...

- I am not interested in buying postcards (or any items) or trading them for goods other than postcards. 
- I do not swap mint stamps. 
- I do not resend in case the postcard/other swap item is lost in the mail and do not expect it from your part either. 
- I always provide a photo proof before sending and expect you to do the same.

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