Capital city collection

Dear fellow-postcrossers!

When I started Postcrossing back in 2006, I deciced to collect a postcard from every single capital city in the world. I did accomplish to get some back then, but then life got in the way and I haven't received that many new cards to my collection since then... until now?!

I'm looking for a written and stamped card showing the capital city of each country in GREY on this map. The card does not need to be sent from the capital city, but it has to be sent from that country.



In return I can offer you postcards or used stamps, sent from Finland. Please let me know what you collect and I'll see what I can do for you.

Examples of cards I can send in return:
- Inge Löök
- Virpi Pekkala
- Minna L. Immonen
- Moomins
- Angry Birds
- Tampere
- Finnish nature
... and many others.

I do not swap:
- mint stamps or stamp sheets
- coins or currency
- large and expensive items

Please contact me via Instagram, Facebook, Postcrossing Forum or e-mail - thank you!


  1. hei! olisi mukava lukea muista kokoelmistasi!
    myös kokemuksia nettikaupoista?

    1. Hei!
      Kiitos toiveista (parista verkkokaupasta olenkin jo kirjoitellut)! Jos halusit osallistua arvontaan (?), niin kommentoisitko tuonne arvontapostaukseen myös, kiitos. :)