Monday, 30 September 2013

Joy of the day

from Germany

from the UK

Usually I am not home when the mailman arrives, but today was an exception and I could rush to downstairs at 11 am to get the mail. Mondays are usually very good mail-days, and this time I found seven postcards in the post-box. All of them are really nice (thank you, everyone!), but these two here really made my day.

The first one comes from my swap friend from Germany, and the text says something like
"Be not afraid of books, when unread they're absolutely harmless".
A brilliant card indeed, and so true!

The second card is from a very warmhearted woman from the UK, and I love everything about the card; colors, theme, drawings... The best thing was that I was just about to eat my breakfast when I got the card!

Inspired by these two lovelies, I think I should manage to get through my evening-shift at work...

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