Saturday, 27 September 2014

My first order from Postallove

I had heard so many people over the Postcrossing Forum, Instagram, blogs etc. talk about "the absolute fantastic" postcard and stationery website called Postallove, that after some months of considering, I ended up clicking products into my imaginary shopping basket. Out of a sudden (well, figuratively) I realized I had confirmed my order and was left waiting for the package to arrive.

The shipping was really fast (Postallove is "located" in Poland); it took less than a week when I got the message saying that I could pick up my package at the post office. I paid with Paypal/credit card combination and faced absolutely no problems with the transaction. All the items arrived in great shape with even some extra cards!

Here's what I ordered:

... Postcards, of course! Plus some very neat, stamp-alike stickers for my penpals and postcard friends.

It was hard to choose just a couple of washi tapes from the wide range of tapes Postallove offers, but I really could not allow myself to order the whole selection, haha. These seem to be very good quality, so I bet I'll use these quite lot in my next snail mail projects.

Some priority stickers and one square shaped postcard.

Well, I think these are quite legendary postcards already. Too pity that the Finland card was sold out at the time I placed my order. But these are awesome!

A good variety of postcards, showing my favorite themes, like coffee, food, vintage, books & writing related stuff.

These were the extras I was lucky to receive - and what a coincidence! Virginia Woolf is one of my favorite authors, and I had actually missed this card while browsing the site (I had ordered a couple of these if I had noticed this), so I was thrilled to see this in the gift wrapping. I actually thought that I will frame this, I like the quote so much.

All the cards are of a very good quality, the photos are just top class and I think ordering at Postallove was very smooth. The shipping was a bit expensive (a little over 8 EUR for these), but on the other hand... if a single postcard costs 0,29 EUR at best, who am I to complain?! In Finland 1,50 EUR is quite an ordinary price for a postcard). So I am sure this was not the last time I order there.

Do YOU have experiences with this webstore?
Please share in the comment section!


  1. I have bought just once in that shop, and my experience is like yours: I was very happy with the item received. I ordered postcards, two or your three tapes, some stamps-stickers and a set of stationery. Everything is wonderful and I also had a little gift. What I like the most is that you can easily write on the postcards.

    I haven't ordered more things because I'm sending less postcards now; but I don't doubt I'll use this shop again!

    1. Thanks for sharing this! I sent out some of these cards already, and I have to agree; it's very easy to write on them! The material somehow allows the pen to "fly" over it.

  2. Wonderful order! :) I also ordered some postcards from Postallove few days ago :)

    1. Thanks! Hopefully you'll get your order soon, too!

  3. Your order looks great! Postallove is just perfect! I am waiting for my second order. Beautiful postcards - come to me! :)

    1. Thank you! ^^ Hope you'll get yours asap as well!

  4. I am JonathanChua.....a PostCrosser since 2012....I was happy to receive yesterday 2# "Greetings from....." PostalLove cards from Belgium n Netherlands....n an elephant pix card too.....I am beginning to get attracted to cards from PostalLove.......I have placed 2# orders for the whole range of "Greetings from....." cards n expecting it to arrive anytime now........
    Keep up the good work n provide us more choices......
    Great work Ewa S n team......cheers....
    Jonathan Chua from Singapore.

    1. 1st batched of cards received yesterday....I am very satisfied with all the cards n the condition it arrived in. Well packed n presentable.......n the cards are placed like an infant/baby in the mother's "womb" n sound!! Kudos......
      Ewa n team.....well done n keep up the standard.....
      Now expecting the 2nd batch due to arrive anytime soon..........
      best rgds....

    2. 2nd batch arrived n well received on 12th March 2016.......very nice cards n arrived in very good condition....
      more orders to follow........
      Ewa n team, great job n all the best.
      Jonathan Chua