Monday, 14 October 2013

A tiring Monday

These cards are heading to Russia, the USA, the UK, Taiwan, France, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania and Belgium.

I have that habit of taking a new address always when a previous card of mine gets registered - what about you? Do you send more officials than "private swaps"? I tend to have periods when I send officials; at times I send a lot and constantly, at times I prefer private trades. Right now I've chosen both, though... 

This photo just doesn't do any justice for what can be seen outside, but still: I love autumn! Those colors are eye-catching and they look just brilliant when the sun shines and it's a bit cold already.

I just finished three essays for my classes, so guess how I am gonna spend the rest of the evening?! I'm a true C.S.I. fan, and this is the one and only of those series. I love all the supervisor characters, Grissom being my favorite, of course, but during the last three season I've started to like more and more of Nick (he has quite funny lines). Other  TV series I love are eg Breaking Bad, Gilmore Girls, House M.D., Prison Break, Numb3rs, Sons of Anarchy and House of Cards. Do you have any favorites?

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