Friday, 18 October 2013

New stamps issued during January-May 2014

I had been waiting for these news, but apparently didn't follow our Posti's webpages hard enough as this was published already some days ago... But still, I want to share the pictures with other post-fanatics that might follow this blog, so here we go!

Behind this link you can find all the new Finnish stamps that will be published during January and May 2014. I chose the lovely Tove Jansson stamps as an example for this post; I think it's great that she'll have a stamp of her own now! Next January we'll celebrate the 100th anniversary of her birth - a great way to celebrate, indeed!

Besides Jansson's stamps, I also love the teddy bears and the snowmen, and I believe that I'll use them quite lot in my outgoing mail once they've been issued.

What do you think of the new stamps? Which of them would you like to receive yourself?

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  1. I really like the ones with the castles and the one of the national park is also quite pretty. There are also a few landscape ones I think? I really like old buildings and nature on stamps :)
    Take care!