Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The best mail-week in my life

 I have felt especially spoiled this week as my mailbox has been loaded both yesterday and today. I calculated that I've received 33 cards and two letters for this week so far and more than half of the days are still ahead... But I do not want to complain in any way! I have loved every single piece of mail I've received. I really can't understand how many lovely, friendly, warmhearted people there are in the world.

I let the photos tell you the rest of the story - they'll do it better than I ever could!

Wishing you all the most amazing Tuesday!

received on Monday...

... and on Tuesday

swap from Irina, Russia

I have never seen anything as cool as this...

letter from Nika, Slovenia

letter from Ania, Poland


  1. No on kyllä kahelle päivälle pikkusen postia tossa..! :D Toi on tosi siisti toi kuori missä on toi pinkki...mikähän ton nimi nyt onkaan :D Toi mönjä sulku jutska!

    1. No onhan tossa... :D Tuijotin postilaatikkoa aika pitkään, kun siellä oli tänäänKIN tuollasia aarteita. Ja jep, joku sinetti toi vissiin on - saiskohan noita jostain Suomestakin?!

  2. Cuantas cosas bonitas :D veo postales geniales por ahí y el cierre de cera es maravilloso :D