Sunday, 20 April 2014

50 stickers swap

About a week ago I participated in a "50 stickers swap" at swap-bot, and now both my and my partner's assortments have arrived. This time I got to both send to and receive from the United States, and here is how the assortments looked like:

sent to the USA

received from the USA

Have you participated in such tags, maybe at swap-bot, too? I really liked the idea of this as I do use quite a lot stickers to decorate envelopes, letters, cards etc., and as I could easily "shop at home" for this and the postage was really low I think this is a great way to get some variety on your sticker inventory. Would you agree?


  1. I recently signed up for a swap-bot! I volunteered for the first swap ;)

    1. Great! Maybe we'll get to swap there sometime. :)