Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tuesday filled with mail

This week has been an excellent one so far, especially when it comes to letters. Today I received two letters from new acquaintances, Thomas and Mazen. I must say that I was a bit surprised of how fast a letter from Lebanon arrived (in about a week)! I had not ever received anything from there.

I also received a letter from Carolina with whom I used to write letters some years ago. We decided to start to write each other again, and I was really delighted to read her name on the envelope. Oh, and just to compare; Carolina had written the letter in the middle of February, and it arrived today.

Agnieszka's letter was filled with surprises, I feel so spoiled now. There were three postcards in the mailbox as well, all kinds of them!

Now I just long for a quiet, lazy evening so that I could sit down and start to write back. I am afraid my thesis will keep me busy for a while, though...

letter/photos from Thomas, Hong Kong

letter from Carolina, Brazil

letter from Mazen, Lebanon

letter from Agnieszka, Poland

swap-bot card from the USA; holiday card from Switzerland and official card from Finland


  1. I'm very glad that you like my letter and gifts. You received the beautiful postcards form Hong Kong. ;)

    1. It was a great joy to receive it, thank you! :)