Friday, 25 July 2014

Another funny coincidence

On Wednesday I found these two cards in our mailbox - and these two only!

Firstly I noticed that they are both coming from Poland - OK, nice but not that unusual. I happened to think for a second that it would be funny if they were sent from the same city or had subsequent ID numbers... and what did my eyes see in that very same second? The IDs were subsequent indeed! These both have been sent to me from Poland on the 21st July 2014 with almost the same IDs, and they both arrived on the same day.

I have no idea what are the odds for this to happen, even though I know that I am not the first person who experiences this.

What's the most unbelievable thing you have encountered in Postcrossing? 

official card PL-925525 from Poland

official card PL-925526 from Poland


  1. Wow, that's a great coincidence! Seriously, what are the odds?
    I love the second card!

    1. I'm still pretty amazed by this. :D
      Me too. <3

  2. What a beautiful cards. Love them.
    I am just new with postcrossing and saw on the forum of postcrossing the topic blog and that is why I came a cross your blog.
    What a great blog and what a lovely things do you receive.

    New follower

    1. Hello Mariska,
      and thank you for both; for such a nice comment and for becoming a follower. I hope to see you around, then! :)