Monday, 7 July 2014

Tagging again!

Last summer I spent hours at the Postcrossing forum and participated in (too) many tags and RRs. This year I haven't somehow been able to do that, at least not as much as I maybe would have wanted to.

Anyway, last week I had another lazy morning; I was home alone and my work shift wouldn't have start in 7 hours or so, so what could be a better way to spend a rainy and grey morning than tagging people with postcards?

Here are most of the cards I ended up sending.
As you can see, my favorite tags are the "favorite card" tags and the ones where the point is to send a card no one would want to have - I love to receive these cards, you never know what you'll get. And in most cases I have actually liked these cards.

official card to Portugal

favorite tag to China

stamp tag to Malaysia

favorite tag to Poland

favorite tag to Russia

a card you want to get rid of tag to China

favorite tag to Russia

ugly card tag to Taiwan


  1. I don't participate in "tags", and I'm not sure how does it work.
    I love the postcards about knitting. I'm a beginner knitter, and I'm really enjoying it!

    1. Hmm, maybe I should write a post about them? They can be disappointing at times (it's so easy to fake on them), but most of the time they do bring a lot of joy with them. :)
      Hihi, I didn't actually realize that there were TWO cards about knitting in this post! I am not very talented in such handicrafts, but luckily I have a little sister who is. ;)