Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Hello hello!

How have you been?
My holiday had just a perfect start; I spent the last days in the summer cottage with my boyfriend and some members of his family. The nature was so beautiful and calming, I loved to be able to swim in a lake and go straight into the sauna after that. The scent of the forest is somewhat breath-taking.

Just before I left home for this trip, I received some stuff I bought second hand online - letter papers, envelopes and such, of course! Feeling like a child on Christmas eve, once again... Besides I love the idea of being able to use things that someone else didn't think he/she would be able to find any use anymore.


  1. You bought that all from people who didn't want it anymore? Wonderful finds!

    1. Yes, isnt' that great?! Thank you. :)

  2. Hello!!
    I found your blog and I'm loving it (: You're doing such an amazing blog! I'm now following it!!!

    I recently created a blog about my snail mail blog and I would love your visit of course! And maybe we can become penpals if you want to (: So visit me and let's keep in touch!
    Have a lovely day

    P.S. Stationary stuff always make me smile too :D

    1. Hi!
      Many thanks for the lovely comment - I'm happy to heat that you like the blog. :) I'll check yours, too!