Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Received postcards


Due to the cold I had for the last 2 weeks, I haven't spent too much time outside lately, so as I needed to visit the post office today, I decided to walk back home. What a joy! It's pretty cold here already (-3C, up in the northern part of the country it was -20C already last night...), but the air has such a fresh scent. I love it.

I did update my postcard and stationery inventories a bit, too... There are all kinds of great, neat (Christmas) stuff in the stores already, yay! I've already started to think about the Christmas cards and presents, and have lots of ideas, whether it comes to the content or the look of the presents.

But let's leave that Christmas talk for now; instead I'd like to share postcards that I have received this week - enjoy!

official card from Japan
photo by Yamanashi Masanori

official card from the USA

official card from Turkey

RR card from Taiwan
artwork by Yu-hsuan Huang

swap from Germany
artwork by Zdenek Miler

swap from Belgium
photo by Jane Burton

official card from South Korea
artwork by j.h-Lee

swap from Hong Kong

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