Friday, 31 October 2014

The wonderful Etsy

Like I wrote some weeks ago, I ended up ordering some neat stationery at at the end of September. The first order from CuteThingsFromJapan was a success! I have used those tapes almost to every second postcard/envelope I have written since the day I got them.

My second order was placed at pikobeagle2000 - I ordered two tapes (surprise, surprise...) and some super cute Care Bears stickers. The envelope arrived within two weeks, and I was quite satisfied with these, too. The only "but" was, that the seller sent a wrong tape at first, but I immediately contacted her, and she promised to send the right one and told me to keep this wrong one as a gift. Well that's some excellent customer service, don't you think?

The stickers, I must say, were a lot better than what I expected - they are of very good quality and it's very smooth to use them on envelopes and cards. And when it comes to tapes... Well, if it has Moomins on it, it's usually neat enough:

The tape that I originally ordered arrived yesterday:


  1. Oi, onpas kaikkea kivaa tuolla! Hienosti hoidettu tosiaan asiakaspalaute.

    1. Etsyyn jää koukkuun... :D Jep!