Sunday, 2 November 2014

Letters, swaps and postcards

I hope your Sunday morning has been as good as mine so far; I woke up around 6 am and couldn't continue sleeping after that... So around 7 am I just decided to get the day started. Now I'm sitting at my desk, accompanied by a big mug of coffee and listening to the sweet sound of the raindrops hitting to our window sill. Could not be a better start for the day!

This entry will show the rest of the wonderful mail I received during this week; letters from Nika and Yasemin; tea swap from Emelie; some nice official cards and lots of cool swap cards. Enjoy!

letter from Nika, Slovenia

letter from Yasemin, Turkey

swap from Belarus
artworks by Irina Smirnova and Inga Paltser

swap from Russia

IG tea swap from Sweden

official card from Germany
artwork by Paul Cézanne

official card from Austria

official card from the Netherlands

swap from the Netherlands
artwork by Fiep Westendorp

swap from the USA

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