Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Christmas mail from Poland

I received a HUGE package just before Christmas - when I went to the post office in order to pick it up, I had no idea who had sent it. To my surprise I recognized my pen pal's, Anna's, handwriting on the package. On her letter she asked me to open the actual package on the Christmas eve, so you can imagine my curiousness while waiting for the day to arrive...

And here's what she had sent:  

I was literally speechless while opening the package (that had been dedicated "to a girl who loves to write letters")! So many beautiful and sweet (literally) things, huh! The decorations are now on our tiny Christmas tree, and the angora wool socks I'll take with me to Spain.

I feel so privileged to have such friends around the world.
Thank you, Anna - Dziękujemy!

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