Thursday, 4 December 2014

Could not resist...

On Monday my boyfriend left for the work at 5.30, and as I had woken up at the same time with him, I had several hours free before I had to leave for the university. So, well, somehow I ended up in the official Postcrossing site and decided to send some more official postcards (despite the fact that my account is set inactive at the moment; I think it's great that it's possible to send cards anyway!).

As a result, these headed to the world:

official card to Indonesia
artwork by Polkka Jam

official card to Canada

official card to Russia
artwork by Celine Nieszawer: "Rose et vert"

official card to the USA
artwork by Albert Edelfelt: "Porvoonjoessa uivia poikia", 1881

official card to Taiwan
artwork by Ottilla Adelborg

official card to Macao
artwork by Minna L. Immonen

official card to Finland

official card to Russia

official card to Croatia

I was a bit amazed as I didn't get any single address to Germany or to the Netherlands... It was hard to get an European address at all! Has the balance between countries really gotten so... unbalanced?

As I pretty much ran out of stamps today (I finished all my Christmas mail; will have quite a lot to mail on Monday, oops), I'm 99.5 per cent sure that these were the last sent officials before April/May 2015.

(Well, unless I'll send some cards from Spain, of course - but we'll see about that!)

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