Sunday, 11 January 2015

Christmas mail, part V

Hola a todos!

Thank you so much for all the answers I have received so far for my poll! They've already helped me a lot with my thoughts about the future of this blog.

The Spanish winter has been kind - it feels like our spring, actually... I can hardly believe it's January when walking outside in the sunshine! Today I met two postcrossers and had a very, very lovely afternoon and evening - gracias, Pilar y Victor! Ha sido un gran placer conoceros.

This post is all about the Christmas mail, but that's it from my side, I promise! I just have some received Christmas items to share after these...

Wishing you a refreshing Sunday!

Christmas surprise + letter to Nanako, Taiwan

Christmas surprise + letter to Shalina, Malaysia

Christmas surprise + letter to Thomas, the USA

Christmas surprise + letter to Yasemin, Turkey

letter, Christmas surprise + birthday card to Annika, Germany

Christmas surprise to Eva, Germany

Christmas surprise to João, Brazil

letter and Christmas surprise to Nika, Slovenia

letter and Christmas surprise to Renato, Brazil

letter, Christmas surprise and birthday card to Covadonga, Spain

... And this is how it turned out:


  1. Lovely surprises! I got that "olet ihana" moomin tea from my friend some time ago - it's great! :]

    1. Thanks! Great to hear that you liked the tea! :)

  2. That is something absolutely wonderful! I would be endless happy receiving such packages!
    All the best for you! In your free time you can also see my blog:
    I think I will be visit yours ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I'll visit your blog, too. :)