Saturday, 14 November 2015

Mail from Greenland

Well, this has not happened before - I received a card from Greenland! Thanks to another Finnish member, who organized the swap, I now also have the Greenlandic EUROPA Cept 2015 stamps, yay!

Ensimmäinen korttini ikinä suoraan Grönlannista! Kiitos erään suomalaisen kanssacrossaajan, joka organisoi tämän swapin, minulla on nyt myös grönlantilaiset EUROPA Cept 2015 -postimerkit. Jee!

photo by Nukaraq Egede


  1. I've never got mail from Greenland. Beautiful postcards and stamps!

    1. I must admit that I did not know that they have such great ones! I guess I never really thought about it.