Saturday, 7 May 2016

Otters from Switzerland and other cards

More cute cards that have arrived this week - enjoy!

Lisää tällä viikolla saapuneita, söpöjä kortteja, olkaa hyvä!

swap from Russia
artwork by Ekaterina Babok

official card from Ireland
design by Liam Blake

official card from China

swap-bot swap from Germany
artwork by C. Hudemann

official card from Switzerland
photo by O. Giel

swap from Belgium
artwork by Thomas Kinkade


  1. Oh, I love the t one with a view of the land of Oz. I'm a (slowly) running mail project about the Wizard of Oz stories:

    1. Kinkade's illustrations are sooo beautiful. I love the Disney ones as well. Your project looks and sounds so interesting! Good luck with it! :)