Sunday, 28 August 2016

Meeting card from Helsinki

Well, obviously I needed to send one card to myself from that great meeting - and here it is:

No, pitihän sieltä suurmiitistä toki lähettää itsellekin yksi kortti - tässäpä se nyt sitten on:

artwork by Inge Löök


  1. Hi Laura,

    I've just started a linky party for postcards in my blog. It's called "Postcards for the weekend". The idea is to build a postcards appreciation group here in Blogger through the linky party. I hope you can participate. :)

    Happy weekend,

    1. Hi Maria,
      thank you for your message! The idea is very nice, but I'm afraid I can't join you very often, because of the lack of time. I'll keep that in mind, though. :)