Monday, 23 September 2013

Children's book illustrations

from the Netherlands

from Finland

from Germany

Here are some random children's book illustration cards I've received during the last month. These cards are one of my favorite themes to collect, and I especially love the Czech Krtek the Mole and illustrations by Dutchmen Fiep Westendorp.

Jip and Janneke (on the first card) were the first characters I got to know when talking about the works of Westendorp. I have even received some stickers, magnets and playing cards with these two funny children on them!

Today I was planning to write some letters, but then somehow the whole day pretty much passed by while I was doing some other things (like working, cooking, cleaning, writing postcards...). Hmh. So I guess I'll need to wait for another day of inspiration then. I don't want to write any letters when I'm either tired or totally not-into-it.


  1. I like Krtek! ;)

    1. Me too. ;)
      Thank you for the visit!

  2. Also two of my favourites! collect them both. I grew up with the work of Fiep Westendorp:)

    1. Great! :) I remember we had some cartoons with Krtek, but I got to know Westendorp a lot later - it's a shame. I'm not sure if there are her books (or books with her illustrations, actually) available in Finnish?!