Thursday, 26 September 2013

Incoming cards

from Belarus

I've found many interesting artists / painters via Postcrossing, and here's one of them: Inga Paltser from Belarus. I love the way she uses colors, and her characters are so neat. I received this one via "favourites tag" in the forum.

from Switzerland

I found the world of so called "Kultura-cards" when I visited Germany for the first time in 2007. I've had a wish of getting these in my official profile for years now and receive them every now and then - and I haven't seen a dull Kultura-card yet! 

This one came via a tag from Switzerland, and wow, I did not know they are publishing these cards with French texts as well! I just started to revise/learn French this fall, so I'm pretty excited about this! Let's see if there are more of these ending up in my post-box in the future... Wouldn't mind, really!

I spent the day in the university, learning Russian and doing stuff for my Spanish courses. I really did get frustrated at some point, but I've decided to handle these things before December, and I really am not giving up on this. The sad part is that I don't have too much time for writing letters and postcards... 


  1. Hello my dear! Thank you so much ;) your letter is wonderful ;)

    1. Nice that you liked it! Can't wait to get yours, too. :)