Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Arrivals of the week

from France

from France

from Russia

from the UK

... Well, not ALL arrivals of the week, but some bits at least! These are all official cards and I love every single of them.

I have concentrated in sending official cards during the last couple of months; like I wrote in the previous entry, I haven't had that much time for swaps and such activities. Sending officials is somehow easier, or what do you think? Like you see, I've recently received some very great cards, yay. Actually, the 600th card I've sent was just registered yesterday! We'll see if I can beat 700 already this year.


  1. It always takes me more time to send an official than a swap. I swapped a lot more in the almost 4 years I'm on Postcrossing than I wrote officials. I love the cards you got from Spirited Away and the UK, by the way.

    1. That's funny how different we people can be. :) What makes it easier when sending officials is, I think, that I can "just" draw an address, pick a suitable card and send it, that's it. When it comes to swaps it can take days before you've agreed about who sends what and when. But both are great fun!