Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Music: Kohtalon oma

Today I'd like to share a song with you. This particular song has become very important to me; it somehow gives me strength, and I'm always very pleased to hear it and often even sing it by myself when I'm at work... When I was doing my "pedagogic studies" which train you for being a teacher they used to play this song in the radio every morning at the same time (read: very early) when I needed to wake up. As those months were more or less depressing, or at least they took a great deal of time, maybe you can see the link between Kohtalon oma and my personal feelings towards this song.

I usually don't like music videos, but this song even has a great video! Some trivia: the elder woman dancing is academician Marjo Kuusela (67 years old) and the guard eating a doughnut is the singer, Chisu, herself. If you're interested in the lyrics, you can find a translation here.

I hope you'll enjoy it!

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