Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Think outside the box tag to Japan

"think outside the box" tag to Japan

A couple of weeks ago I participated in another item tag in the forum. The idea is that everyone participating lists some random things they like and the person who tags them then needs to figure out something related to these preferences. The person I tagged had listed eg. sweet, birthday, roses, lucky motives and cats. Can you see how that came out in items I decided to send? I give a hint: there was a sticker on the other side of the card with a teddy bear holding a four-leaf clover...

I was very happy to hear that the receiver had liked the package. Good to see you after a long time, too, Rie!


  1. ¡Oh! I want to taste chocolates :D mmm... yummy.

    1. Those are pretty much my favorite Fazer chocolates - so yes, I'd recommend them warmly. ;)