Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A Second-hand Jackpot

Look at this pile!
I totally hit a jackpot with this: all these papers and envelopes are second-hand finds. I received the package (I bought these online) last week; it was a big, heavy box, and I got very excited about it when I got it to my hands at the post office. I mean; I did know pretty well what I had bought, but the pictures of the papers were not that clear a.k.a. the seller hadn't photographed them one by one (no wonder, I guess!).

So when I finally got home and opened the package, I was like 'wooooow'... There were so many super cute papers and envelopes there! I must have spent pretty much 30 minutes just by exploring these. I really can't wait for a chance to use these! 


  1. Wooow. These are beautiful papers and a lot of ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Tällaisia "lotteja" tulee aina välillä ihan "perinteisilläkin" kirpuilla vastaan, joten silmät auki vaan! :)