Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cards and g-r-e-a-t stamps

And the "greatest mail-week ever" continues... So far I've been lucky to pick 47 (!!!) cards from the mailbox this week. I'm curious to see if the box will be all empty tomorrow, haha!

Anyway, here are some cards which I received today and yesterday:

tag from Russia

RR card from the UK

official card from Japan

official card from Lithuania

I also received this magnificent otter card for a RR:

RR card from the USA

I collect otter cards (they are my favorite animals) and do not receive them very often, but this week I've gotten three new cards to my collection! That's a lot. And all of these have been surprises, not for any favorite tags or such. And look at the stamps this card had....

Could they be any more perfect?! I don't think they could. Whoa. Thank you again, Rhonda, and everyone else who has kept my mailbox happy!


  1. No jopas! Mulle on kahden viikon sisään tullut 3 kirjettä ja 1 kortti. :(
    Mutta kyllä se tästä... :)

    1. Joo, noitakin viikkoja on... Ei mulle ole koskaan ennen tullut näin paljon viikossa postia, vaikka sitä keskimäärin aika paljon tuleekin. o___O

  2. awwww me encantaron los sellos postales de bambie y Ariel, la sirenita. Laura ¿te gustaría recibir una postal de República Dominicana?

    1. Me encantan también muchísimo! Y síííí, sería estupendo! ^_____^ Puedes escribirme a laura.animismi at y podemos cambiar las direcciones. :)