Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Received cards for this week

Today I received my 700th official Postcrossing-card; it's the one with a view from a book store.

So far I have received 111 postcards for this year; let's see how much it will be in the end of the year. I'm aiming to at least 800 sent officials. According the records so far that should not be too hard...

And look at the guinea pig with that tiny car! That card definitely made my Monday.

official card from Germany

official card from Russia

official card from Taiwan

tag from Finland


  1. 800 korttia vuodessa? 66 korttia kuukaudessa! :D Hui.

    1. Haha, ei nyt sentään. :D Siis yhteensä 800 lähetettyä korttia tämän vuoden loppuun mennessä; silloin harrastusvuosia olisi takana jo 8,5 kappaletta. :)

  2. Voi että tuo marsukortti on ihana. Sai hymyn naamalle. :)