Monday, 10 March 2014

Official cards heading to the world

Since I was away from computer and Postcrossing for a while, I got to send quite many official cards at once when I came back home. Here are some of them.

I try to avoid showing the same card multiple times here which of course leads to the fact that I can not show "all" cards I've sent at any given time, as the cards keep repeating themselves more or less. This applies especially to cards showing my home city or surroundings; there are not that many cards available and yet this is a very popular motive people wish for in their profiles. I, however, think it keeps this blog a bit more interesting if I do my best to offer some variety on cards I show and post here. What do you think?

official card to Hong Kong

official card to Croatia

official card to the UK

official card to the USA

official card to Japan

official card to Germany

official card to Germany


  1. I have the same "problem": the number of views I can find on postcards is really limited. But anyway: if I write to a postcrosser just once, I always choose the same two views, because they are the more beautiful and interesting (in my opinion). But blogging again and again about the same topic is quite uninteresting, I think. I prefer to see different postcards, even if I saw less pictures. Hope I answered your question... :)

    1. Yes, you answered it perfectly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well. :)