Saturday, 17 May 2014

All kinds of cards

Hi everyone!

I hope you have had a marvelous Saturday! I had to spend mine at work, but the whole day has been a sunny and a warm one, so there still was something to enjoy in the evening, too... Oh, how I love this time of the year! Especially the fact that it is really possible to sit in the balcony and have a cup of coffee there without having an urgent need to wear something thicker that a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Yay!

What comes to the snail mail for this week, besides the two letters which I introduced you in the previous posts I have received a pile of postcards. Here are the most of them - I have to say that I really enjoyed the variety of cards I was lucky to receive during the week! So many different countries, so many different motives... It is one of the best parts of this hobby - or should we maybe call it the way of living?

swap-bot: Kevät on täällä! swap from Finland

official card from France

official card from Spain

official card from the USA

official card from the Netherlands

official card from Germany

private from Brazil

card from Lily, Germany

card from Yina, Dominican Republic

RR card from Finland

RR card from Finland

RR card from Finland


  1. I need to say that I love the card with the coffee... And I used to have the same cup with the zebra! I had six, some years ago. Nice to see them on a postcard!
    I agree with you that snail mail is a way of life.

    1. You did?! How funny! :D
      I thought you would agree. :-)

  2. Awwww que bien que llegara mi postal, al fin... Espero que haya sido de tu agrado. Abrazos :D

    1. Sí, me gusta mucho, gracias de nuevo! :) Abrazos a tí también!