Thursday, 1 May 2014

Received mail for this week

Happy 1st of May to everyone!

I have spent mine at home, as I feel both really tired and probably have some kind of allergy. I would not be surprised if these two would have something in common... But, still, I love the fact that there are leaves on the trees!

My mailbox has not been empty during the week, but on the other hand I have not been extremely over the moon either. Maybe it also has something to do with some stress I had about my thesis (which, by the way, I returned on Tuesday evening!!) and the Russian exam. Anyway, there were a couple of delighting letter from Aino and Stephanie and a couple of great postcards that saved the most of the week, what comes to the snail mail part. This post shows you them and some more mail I received.

Now that I have gotten rid of the thesis (at least for a while, as I know that I still need to work on it at least a bit, but most of the job is done anyway) I hope to have more time for letters and such. We will see how that will work out!

swap-bot swap from Brazil

swap-bot swap from the USA

official card from Hong Kong

official card from Russia

letter from Stephanie, the USA

letter from Aino, Finland

swap-bot / lots of letters swap from Puerto Rico

swap-bot / lots of letters swap from the USA

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