Friday, 2 May 2014

Where I keep my empty cards...

... that I have bought to myself! 

I wrote about this little "side-hobby" back in January and it is still doing well! These two tin cans hold some really neat cards that I (or some of my friends or relatives) have spotted and bought. The problem is that I do not really collect all-empty cards, so there ones need to have some text added before I can count them as a part of my collection. The solution has been that I swap some empty cards with someone who thinks alike and then we have filled the cards and sent them back to each other. Someone might call it waste of both money and time, but I somehow find it very darling and fun.

I used to have one box (the one on the right) for these cards, but now my "ghost collection" is already so big that I needed more space. I spotted the other box (on the left) in a flea market some weeks ago, and as the seller only asked 2 euros for it, I could not resist. Turned out that the size is perfect for not only "traditional size" postcards, but also for square cards.

Who else has such a collection?
Interested in that kind of a swap? Just drop me a line: laura.animismi at!


  1. Kohta voitais taas vaihtaa uuelleen :) Kunhan saan ton loppurutistuksen tehtyä ja palaan taas ihan kunnolla postimaailmaan :3

    1. Joo, vaihdetaan ihmeessä! Laita vaikka meiliä, kun kerkiät. :)