Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Some purchased postcards

I hit a jackpot in a flea market in Helsinki last Sunday; a lot of nice postcards by Finnish postcard artists, just 0,10 Euros / each. I bought 20.... In stores there are usually 1,20-1,50 Euros / each, so I was quite happy to get 20 for just 2 Euros.

Which would be your favorite artist of these?
I love Minna L. Immonen's cards.

by Virpi Pekkala

by Martta Wendelin

miscellaneous; the first card is by Rudolf Koivu

by Minna L. Immonen

I also purchased some new Inge Löök cards in a little (postcard) store which I visit every time I'm in Helsinki:

by Inge Löök


  1. Those were some great finds you came across. My favourite of them is the Virpi Pekkala.
    It was nice to stop over with you. I have not taken the time lately to enjoy any blog reading so it has been enjoyable tonight.

    1. I'm glad you like them, too. :)
      And also thank you for your kind words! I haven't been doing too much blog reading lately either, I think it's the mix of work, summer and heat that keeps me away from the blog world... Maybe I am not alone with that. :-)

  2. I have never received a card of Virpi Pekkala. Inge Löök is an always favourite!

    1. I hope you will one day - she has some very nice illustrations and makes new ones every year. :)