Saturday, 28 June 2014

Treasures for the weekend

Hope everyone has had a sunny Saturday so far!

The work kept me pretty busy this week, but luckily our mailbox kept cheering me up day to day. Here are the gems that I received by Friday (besides some cards that I already shared here):

official card from Russia

swap from Germany

letter from Agnieszka, Poland

She sent all kind of nice little items, yay! I love that magnet!

letter from Amalia, Crete

The first letter from my brand-new pen pal Amalia was such a pleasure to receive; the letter was splendid, I really enjoyed reading it. I can't wait to a moment to be able to write back!

letter from Eva, Germany

RAS from Julia, Ukraine

Julia really knows what I love; the card is amazing, and I really like the tea bags. Have I ever told that I actually collect that kind of tea bags (not the tea, but the bag itself)? I have dozens if not hundreds of them...

swap-bot swap: Tadaa! Sait yllätyspostia from Finland

This was such a nice surprise! I haven't tried the chocolates yet, but yay, that's white chocolate! I haven't eaten any for a long time.

swap-bot swap: Flat surprise #5 from the USA


  1. I really happy that you like my letter and gifts! :D

    1. I sure do, thank you again! :)

  2. Kiva toi kahvikortti :) Ja kivoja paketteja!