Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Box filled with letters

I have been rather lucky lately and have received many wonderful letters from my friends. Obviously I want to share them with you, too, so here you go:

letter from Aino, Finland

letter from Eva, Germany

I love her "habit" to write her letters on postcards!

letter from Katja, Finland

letter from Shalina, Malaysia

letter from Shoichi, Japan

I met Shoichi in Helsinki in January 2014, and since that he has been travelling a lot more... That adorable doll is a souvenir from his trip to Ukraine; highly appreciated, thank you again! He always includes such fascinating things along with nicely written letters.

letter from Thomas, Hong Kong

When I first opened the envelope, I wondered what those "keys" are... Turned out that they are tickets to a museum! So cool!

letter from Vanessa, Germany

The dear Vanessa did it once again; I felt like a child on Christmas eve when I opened the thick envelope. I just love everything she sent, especially the "cup cake tea" (have NEVER seen that!) and the cute pastel color owl stickers. Not to mention the loooong letter itself. Vielen Dank, Vanessa! ♥