Friday, 18 July 2014

Received stuff, part I

Hello hello!

Huh, a week has passed since the last post here - I'm sorry for that! Days have been extremely busy as I have been working quite a lot, and besides that my little sister has been staying with us for two weeks so I have rather spent time with her that sat on the computer. Add one cat, one dog and sunny weather to the mixture and you are getting some good hints of why I haven't been around too much.

Huh, I do have quite a lot of mail to share with you, though!
Let's start with these - more will follow during the weekend!


RAS from Russia
artwork by Inga Paltser

favorite tag from Germany

ugly card tag from Taiwan

swap from Germany

swap from Germany

swap from Germany
artwork by Suzan Visser, "Der Kuss"

favorite tag from Germany

swap from Russia
artwork of the owl card by Inga Paltser

letter from Aino, Finland

letter from Anna, Poland

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