Friday, 1 August 2014

It happened again!

I just CAN NOT believe it!

Remember how I wrote about two Polish postcards that I received last week with subsequent ID numbers? How funny that was and wondered what are the odds for that?

Guess what? It happened again... Barely a week has passed since those cards from Poland arrived, and now this! I received these Dutch official cards on Wednesday, and yes, they do have subsequent ID numbers as well.

Somehow I am just speechless.
Maybe you have a thought to share concerning this?!
I just can't think about anything right now.


official card NL-2596800 from the Netherlands

official card NL-2596801 from the Netherlands


  1. Minäkin sain tällä viikolla Hollannista kortit, peräkkäisillä ID-numeroilla :)

    1. Ohhoh, kylläpä näitä nyt satelee! :D