Tuesday, 26 August 2014

New stamps by Finnish Posti 09/2014

Why do I love September?
Well, for many reasons; the autumn begins and brings new beginnings within. It's probably reasonable wear wool socks (my favorite piece of garment), drink loads of coffee and hot chocolate and the sound of raindrops falling onto the roof and windows is magnificent.

And, as a great bonus, the Finnish post aka Posti publishes new stamps!

Here are the newbies for this year:

Published on the 1.9.2014
design Janne Korsumäki & Rabbit Merchandising Oy

"Syksyisiä pihapiirejä"
design Urpo Martikainen
published on the 8.9.2014

"Taivaan merkit"
design Nina Rintala
published on the 8.9.2014

"Tom of Finland"
drawings by Tom of Finland aka Touko Laaksonen, design Timo Berry
published on the 8.9.2014

I must admit that I like them all, even though I am no fan of Duudsons (Finnish guys doing similar crazy things as Jackass guys in the States). The design and/or drawings are neat in every single stamp you see here.

There has been a lot of discussion about the Tom of Finland stamps both in the Finnish media and abroad, which I find just a positive thing. I am curious to see when I will receive my first one on a card... I pre-ordered three sheets, so if there is someone willing to swap with me, I can offer two of them (sent in mint condition or stamp by stamp on a card etc.) once I have received them (hopefully by the next Tuesday).

What would be your favorite here? And what is your opinion about the latter sheet?

(All the images are © Posti.fi.) 


  1. I like the first set of stamps the most, because school is one of my favourite themes. Also like the planets, but I don't consider necessary to add a lot of stickers on them.

    And about the last set, I'm not sure that post officers in Morocco would like them. I always ask people not to send me nude (or send it inside an envelope). I have never heart a word about it, but I guess it is not so acceptable in this country. I have never thought of this matter before living here!

    1. Yes, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when I saw that there are those stickers included for the planets etc... We already had quite a similar sets, but instead of planets there were vegetables. But no-one tells me to add any stickers, so I'll probably use them without anyway. :)

      I haven't experienced such things myself, but have seen at times that people in Postcrossing ask to send nude etc. cards in envelopes, but I have always thought that they are just so modest that they don't want that their postman or neighbors see such images... Even though I am not a fan of nude images, I somehow find it quite a pity that there are places where the attitudes are so strict.