Thursday, 4 September 2014

Gift from Vanessa

Something totally unexpected arrived a couple of days ago: Vanessa, my pen pal, had decided to surprise me, too, after I had sent her a birthday package. And what kind of a surprise it was!

Milka's "Chocowafer" are the BEST chocolate I have ever tasted, so I was thrilled to see them at first when I opened the package. Besides them I got more chocolate (coffee flavor!), stickers, tea, decotape and a postcard. Wow, I'm still so over the moon because of this.

Nochmals vielen, vielen Dank, Vanessa!


  1. OMG! Thats all amazing! And there is nothing better than trying candy, tea, snacks etc from the other side of the world! Fantastic! :D

    1. I like it most of the time as well. :) Nevertheless, it's always a pleasure to find something that you KNOW is really, really good. ;)

  2. Amazing package!! I always like to receive unexpected packages (: