Saturday, 6 September 2014

Letter mail

Some extra wonderful letters have arrived this week - from Crete, Brazil and Finland. I really can't wait until I can sit down and write back, huh. So many things to share with these friends right now.

From where have you received letters this week?

letter from Amalia, Crete

letter from João, Brazil

letter from Katja, Finland


  1. Wonderful postcrard from Athens ! :)

  2. Are there pages for snail mail? Im busy this month but maybe in the future if you want a pen friend from Argentina we can start that! :D

    1. Sure, I have written a post about them, too:

      I'm busy at the moment, too, but I'd love to have a friend from Argentina! :) Thank you for suggesting that! Whenever you feel you're capable of writing some letters, drop me a few lines: laura dot animismi at gmail dot com :)