Thursday, 18 September 2014

New stamps in action

... Or oh well, kind of. "The Duudsons" stamps were released on the 1st and the last two sets on the 8th September (actually there were three different sets, but I forgot to take a photo of the third). I usually hit the post office as soon as the stamps have been published and buy at least one set of each, but this time I somehow ended up visiting the post office in total three times and purchased a set at a time (I had pre-ordered Tom of Finland, just in case they would be hard-to-get right from the beginning)!

The title of this post is, like already said, a bit misleading, as I am not presenting any photos of the stamps actually in action, but I thought I'd share some points of these anyway as I indeed have used these all already.

Well well well. The Duudsons are quite ordinary stamps when it comes to their size, so they fit postcards perfectly. I also love those priority stickers! Nevertheless, I must say that the illustrations are somewhat... boring. I don't think I'll buy more of these.

The illustrations by Urpo Martikainen are nice, they are perfectly suitable for a postcard and I do love the colors. I haven't used any on a letter so far, but I think these would be a nice addition to any envelope, too.

OK, I am proud of the fact that Finland published these stamps and I adore the artwork for sure, but I must admit that I have had to consider whether I can use these for just any postcard / letter... It's kind of a sad thing, really, but that's how it is. I don't want to offend anyone (well, this pretty much applies to the stamp with the bottom, I can't see anything offensive on the other two - what about you?!). But oh yes, I think I'll keep these in my inventory of stamps as long as these are available.

The fourth set is missing, like said above, but what I have to say about it: I LOVE the stamps itself, they are neat, colorful, a bit too big for some postcards, though. Anyway, I do not fancy the supply stickers that much...

Have you already received some of these new stamps from Finland?
What about you Finns: Mikä on suosikkisi ja mitkä jätät muiden ostettavaksi?

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