Sunday, 28 September 2014

Received IG swaps

Oh boys and girls! What a lucky fellow I have been lately, as all this gorgeous mail has been found in our mailbox:

IG swap from Meryl, Malaysia

She sent letter sets in a stunning envelope, made out of old map... huh. I know I have maps for the same purpose somewhere in this apartment, but oh well. You know. I should clean my stationary stashes, there's so much stuff that I can't find anything too easily.

IG swap from Emelie, Sweden

It was a great deal of fun to do a tiny candy swap with someone from "the next door"! I have tried maybe 1/3 of these already, and everything tastes very, very good. Yummy.

IG swap from Tzu-Fang, Taiwan

It was fun to find Tzu-Fang in Instagram, as we have swapped before, too (in the forum). This was another postcard swap, love all the pieces she sent to me. And that "air mail" stamp on the envelope as well...!

IG swap from Veronika, Czech Republic

We at first agreed about swapping two lollipops, but then it escalated a bit, and even after that Veronika got to surprise me with some extras. This envelope definitely made my day when it arrived (this has been a long, busy and rainy week).

... Look at those Krtek the Mole lollipops she sent! I'm not sure if I can ever really eat them...

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