Monday, 8 September 2014

Writing my way around the globe... at Instagram!

Hello folks!

Just a quick notice for you who are using Instagram as well: I have a profile there now as well, so you can follow me via that site, too:

I'm a newbie on this, but I THINK I will post at least partly different photos as in the blog itself as I'm taking my phone pretty much whenever I go, so... This expands possibilities for sure. And I KNOW that not everyone can install the application (I belonged to that group of people until now, so I fee you...), but luckily you can see all the photos via that link given even though you can not "follow" follow the updates.

See you there - and here as well! I love the very idea of just "blogs" so much that I am not abandoning this site. I just hope I can complete this hobby with the help of Instagram.

Let me know what you think!