Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Etsy adventures and about the commenting

I used to visit quite often when it opened for the first time - I never bought anything (I was a minor back then), but enjoyed seeing all the neat photos and things people posted and sold there.

Some weeks ago I somehow ended up in Etsy again, after all these years, and I found out it had changed quite a bit - surprisingly (maybe not?!) the site had become much bigger than what it was, and there were - and are - all kind of things available. It did not take me long before I had found all the cute stationary people (mostly Japanese) were selling, and I simply could not resist.

So I placed, not one but two orders - here's the first of them! I decided to order mostly washitapes as they are a bit hard-to-get here. I simply adore these three tapes I got from Ayako, they're so neat! She very kindly included some extra stickers and washi samples, too. I'll reorder at her store for sure.

The one and only sad thing about this are the customs and the taxes one need to pay for goods bought outside the EU, in case the order is worth more than 22 euros. This means that it's no use placing very big orders as the supplemental expenses would increase quite rapidly.

What kind of experiences do you have with Etsy or maybe you have considered purchasing there? Please share in the comment section!


P.S. I enabled the anonymous commenting - now anyone reading this blog may leave a comment. I hope it helps as I think there are quite many of you who don't have Google accounts etc. Hope to hear from you!

In Finnish: Mahdollistin nyt myös anonyymin kommentoinnin, eli kuka tahansa tätä blogia lukeva voi nyt jättää kommentin ilman rekisteröitymistä Googleen tai vastaaviin tahoihin. Toivottavasti tämä helpottaa keskusteluun osallistumista - nähdään kommenttipuolella!


  1. That tape looks really pretty! Could you give me the name of the shop? I never ordered on Etsy, simply because I am afraid I can't stop once I started.

    1. Oh, sure! I forgot to add it to the post (did it now), so here you go:

      Let's see how long I'll stand... :D

  2. So great that anonymous comments are allowed now! I couldn´t leave a comment during the last months as I don´t have a google account.
    Now I can :D!
    Love the tapes and stickers from etsy! I´ve never ordered there before, but I think I really have to try this! 0:-)

    1. Hi!
      Thank you so much for the comment! :)
      Maybe you should - but be careful, buying there is even a bit TOO easy... ;D