Friday, 10 October 2014

Nice postcard week

Hello there!

The week is drawing to a close now, so it's time to share all the postcards I have been lucky to receive this week. I have really needed something to brighten up my days as I have been quite a sick; I can't remember when I last time would have had a flu that is as nasty as this that I'm currently going through... I have not been able to write any card, not to mention any letter... I really hate being ill! Hopefully the next week will be better.

Meanwhile; enjoy the postcards!

official card from Ukraine
photo by Dewey James: "Italian scene - Café"

official card from China

official card from the Netherlands

official card from Greece
- My first one!

official card from Russia

official card from Russia

IG swap from Indonesia

official card from the USA
photo by Mike Jones

swap from Germany

swap from Germany
artwork by Zdenek Miler

swap from Germany

tag from Belarus
artwork by Inga Paltser

swap from Poland


  1. I wish you get better soon! These postcards are able to cheer everybody!

  2. Pikaista paranemista!
    Ja mäkin haluan House-kortin! :)

    1. Kiitos! :)
      Oliskohan tuo ollut kolmas, jonka saan 8,5 vuoden aikana, että aika harvassa taitavat olla. Pidän peukkuja pystyssä sun puolesta! :)