Sunday, 5 October 2014

Tea & chocolate swap

Vanessa is one of my longest-standing pen pals who has this magical ability to write looong, warm letters and to surprise you, let it be a totally unexpected postcard or the content of a Christmas present. She sent me some bags of this outstanding tea for the last Christmas, and even though I tried to drink it as slowly as possible, I run out of stock a couple of weeks ago. My solution was to post a photo of a teabag in my Instagram account, asking if someone was able to swap that tea with me. I should have known better, because it did not take long until Vanessa sent me a message saying that she'd be happy to swap.

So we agreed about a little tea-chocolate-mix swap. Above is what I sent to her, and on Friday I received these:

I have expressed my ultimate love for "Chocowafer" already earlier, but let's say again: that is THE BEST chocolate I have ever tasted. I love them to bits. When accompanied by that tea... oh god, I'm in heaven. I actually spent a moment eating a chocowafer and drinking that tea already, haha!

Vanessa was very kind and also sent three great coffee postcards:

Vielen, vielen Dank, Vanessa! ♥ 


  1. Great SWAP! Am hungry for chocolate ;p

  2. Is it possible to buy Chocowafers in Finland? :-)

    1. Unfortunately not. :( There are some Milka chocolates available, but they are pretty new, too (have been on the shelves for about a year). I keep my fingers crossed for Chocowafers!