Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas mail, part III


How was your Christmas? Relaxing and peaceful, I hope - at least mine was that kind of holiday. I don't know whether I have the words to describe how amazing it was (and still is) that after such long and a bit stressful work days I had (and have) totally free days that can be dedicated to whatever I think feels nice at that very moment!

I have also received a couple of messages concerning my sent Christmas mail, so guess what? 
... Yes, that's right, it's time for the "part III" in this little series of posts. So here you go - the surprises to Australia and Japan!

letter and Christmas surprise to David, Australia

Christmas surprise to Shoichi, Japan

A couple of curiosities about these dear two gentlemen: 

David is one of the two native English speakers I'm writing with at the moment. We lost the contact some years ago, but thanks to Facebook, letters are crossing the ocean again. It pretty much feels like there was no gap at all.

Shoichi is one of the few pen pals that I have actually met - our tiny meet-up was last January in Helsinki during his holiday trip. A very delighting event, to be honest. 

I have "known" these both dear friends for approximately 10 years already. Time flies...

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